At ICS, we understand that when you do business with us, you are putting more than product on the line. You are putting your own reputation – and that of your company – on the line as well. We appreciate your trust and work very hard to earn your confidence by ensuring the highest quality possible.

Quality at ICS means much more than meeting your minimum requirements. Quality is deeply enmeshed in our culture and closely tied to customer satisfaction — driving many other aspects of our business.

The following are just a few areas that influence ICS’s focus on quality:

Change of AS9100 Status

During the period of March 25, 2010 until March 25, 2013, Innovative Control Systems, Inc. maintained external certification through a certified registrar to ISO 9001:2008 and SAE AS9100 quality standards.  As of March 25th 2013, we chose not to enter into another 3 year contract with an AS9100 registrar until such time as one or more of our customers actually requires external certification to AS9100. We are continuing to do business as an ISO 9001 and SAE AS9100 compliant company for the time being using the very same quality management system we have spent so much time and effort developing, and maintaining certification to over the past few years. We will be adding external certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard in the August/September 2013 time frame, but will continue our AS9100 activities without  external certification by a registrar until this becomes a hard requirement. 

These manuals provide an overview of the objective, principles, policy, and mission statement for the Quality Management System requirements as they fit our business.

Link: Quality Manual

Link: Quality Policy

  • If you have questions about quality efforts at a specific operating group, please contact the following individual:

Kevin Jacobson,
Director, Quality Assurance

Innovative Control Systems, Inc.
Tel: (602) 861-6984
E-mail: [email protected]

For Vendors

This is a copy of our General Supplier Terms and Conditions.  These apply only to direct aerospace orders.  Please contact your ICS representative for details.

Link: ICS General Terms and Conditions