CANFLIGHT Dual Channel CAN Analyzer

ARINC-825 Dual Channel Intelligent CAN Analyzer

The CANFLIGHT adapter is our newest ARINC-825, CAN, and CANaerospace Bus Analyzer and Traffic Generator brought to you by the CAN Aviation Alliance who helped define the ARINC-825 standard and who’s equipment was used to validate the ARINC-825 standard.

Please note that this product only supports CAN/ARINC-825-2.  If you need ARINC-825-4/CAN-FD support, please see our 16-Channel ISOLATED XMC Card

Featured Highlights

  • Brought to you by the CAN Aviation Alliance collaboration for ARINC-825.
  • USB Powered
  • ARINC-825, CAN, and CANaerospace compliant.
  • The latest in ARINC-825  technology
  • Two Electrically Isolated ARINC-825 and CAN/CANaerospace Channels per unit
  • Multiple ARINC-825 units may be connected to one platform via switch or multiple network interfaces.
  • USB Powered ARINC-825 / CAN / CANaerospace Bus Analyzer / Recorder
  • DUAL Isolated ARINC-825 Channels using Bosch CAN Controller IP
  • Wetzel Technology eXtended CAN Tool (XCT) Compatible for ARINC-825 and CAN.
  • File Upload / Download through  Ethernet FTP interface, or µSDHC memory cards.
  • Supports 1000BaseT, 100BaseT and 10BaseT Ethernet
  • Built In IRIG-B time decoder for time synchronization for time stamping ARINC-825 and CAN messages. (free runs in absence of time code)
Picture of CANFLIGHT Handheld dongle
  • Optional 9-36 VDC Aircraft Powered  <5 Watts power consumption
  • Passively Cooled. No moving parts, -40°C to +85°C
  • Weight: <1 lb in standard configuration
  • 138 mm L x 80 mm W x 48 mm H
  • Dual onboard processors for ARINC-825 and CAN / CANaerospace Processing.

The CANFLIGHT is a small and low cost Dual Channel ARINC-825 Bus Analyzer  and Traffic Generator suitable for Engineering Development, Test, and in field use with Laptops for Data Loading, Flight Test, Maintenance, and other tasks on ARINC-825, CAN, and CANaerospace equipped vehicles.

The CANFLIGHT adapter is a Controller Area Network (ISO 11898), ARINC-825  and CANaerospace Protocol Compliant Interface with a 1000/100/10 BaseT  Ethernet interface for communication with the connected equipment.  Because each CANFLIGHT adapter communicates over Ethernet with it’s  host, Multiple CANFLIGHT adapters may be connected using a simple  Ethernet switch if more channels are desired on one platform. Powerful  eXtended CAN Tool (XCT) software is available for Windows, MAC, and  Linux.

Each ARINC-825 CANFLIGHT Adapter is a small handheld, USB powered, intelligent adapter that is powered from either a USB port or from a 9-36 VDC Aircraft or  Automotive power source. The adapter provides two electrically isolated  fully independent CAN 2.0B Interfaces and is implemented in a XILINX  FPGA and contains two internal CPUs. The CAN 2.0B interfaces are  implemented with licensed Bosch C_CAN controller IP cores to ensure  compatibility with the Bosch CAN standard and to allow precise hardware  timing and control over the transmission and reception of  CAN / ARINC-825 / CANaerospace messages.

XCT Software
Compatible with Wetzel eXtended Can Tool (XCT)

The Xilinx FPGAs and the PMC825  firmware provide local buffering and 30 ns time stamp resolution for all  CAN messages and implement ARINC-825 / CANaerospace specific protocol  functions including record/playback functionality to offload the host.  The two CAN channels work under sustained 100% bus load without dropping any messages. The CANFLIGHT also supports CAN listen only and loopback  modes. An onboard MicroSD interface is included on each module for data  acquisition storage and for module configuration information.

Uses Dual DB-9 Male Connectors for ease in wiring ARINC-825 / CAN busses.  IRIG-B timing input also shown on SMA. SMA to BCN adapter available.

Ordering and Info
  • Part Number: TP2102-901 – ARINC-825 CANFLIGHT Adapter with Software Includes eXtended CAN Tool (XCT) For Windows, MAC, and Linux; Includes USB and Ethernet connection cables.
  • Please contact us for pricing and lead-times.