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16-Channel Isolated CAN / CAN FD / ARINC-825 XMC Board

Xmc A825 16 Channel Sml




NEW - The XMC-A825-16 board is a CAN / CAN FD / ARINC-825 16-Channel Board based on an XMC form factor. 




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ARINC 825The ARINC825 solution consists of the PMC825 (PCI Mezzanine Card) with 4 optically isolated or 8 non-isolated CAN interfaces, two local 200MHz  PowerPC processors, the corresponding firmware, software drivers for  various operating systems and the XCT toolbox.





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1000BaseXNew ICS designed communications board that is perfect for implementation, test, and simulation of that next high speed, transformer coupled, deterministic Ethernet based protocol such as AS6802 based communications.





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