ARINC664 ProView Software

ARINC 664 ProView Software

Rockwell-Collins Compatible ARINC 664 Bus Reader / Recorder Analyzer Logging Software Package

  • Direct Decoding and Recording/Logging of Rockwell Collins ARINC 664
  • Reads Harvest database directly
  • Runs on your Microsoft Windows® based platform (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) Supports x86/AMD64 Processors ONLY, no ARM support for Windows® RT
  • Software Analyzer – No external expensive hardware required so you can now use your laptop’s existing ethernet interface as a receive only ARINC 664 Analyzer
  • Supports multiple ARINC 664 buses simultaneously when using a Gigabit Ethernet input and switch or dual gigabit ethernet interfaces
  • In addition to Analyzing Data, ProView ARINC 664 Analyzer software can be used to configure ICS ARINC 664 FTSIU and playback flight test data from the FTSIU (No Dongle Required for ARINC 664 Configuration)
  • Gigabit Input supports multiple 10/100Mb/s buses on single input when external switch used.
  • Records/Logs and time stamps ALL ARINC 664 data received for later playback and analysis
  • ProView provides Microsecond resolution timestamp from laptop/PC clock
  • ProView Analyzes and Converts a selected set of ARINC 664 parameters (NDOs) or portions of NDOs to engineering units (Number of converted units may be limited by processor type and speed, in addition to power saving options enabled on various laptops)
  • ProView Supports post flight playback of any ARINC 664 parameter recorded regardless of whether the parameter was being logged/displayed during recording (all received parameters are recorded)
  • Post recording playback of ARINC 664 data to CSV file for import into Excel or other data analysis programs and logging.
ProView is a low cost, ARINC 664 bus reader / logger / analyzer designed specifically for the Rockwell-Collins specific ARINC 664 implementation that works well, is very low cost, and no external capture hardware is required.
Innovative Control Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our new ARINC 664 ProView logging analyzer software which allows you to perform live display, recording, playback, and Export (to CSV file) of Rockwell Collins specific ARINC 664 data on a suitable Microsoft® Windows® operating system based laptop or PC.  No additional capture hardware is required for this analyzer, just an available Ethernet port on the computer and you are able to analyze your data. The software can also be used to create configuration files for our FTSIU flight test data acquisition interfaces as well as playback flight test data sets recorded by that equipment.  
The ProView software download above is the full version of the ProView Arinc 664 Software Analyzer, however, it has a 5 minute LIVE DATA and RECORDING / LOGGING time limit without a ProView KeyLock dongle.  All other features are fully operational and the software may be stopped and restarted for an additional 5 minutes of viewing and recording.  The fully enabled version requires a USB dongle available for a very reasonable price. Contact Us Here to request a quotation.
Usage of this ProView software requires a Rockwell-Collins Harvest Database file. We cannot supply this file to you. You will need to get a Harvest database file from your Rockwell-Collins representative if you do not already have the database in order to use the ProView analyzer software. You do not need the Harvest tool itself, only the database. The ProView ARINC 664 Analyzer software is designed to read directly from the same file that the Harvest tool uses.  
Feel free to download the ProView software and try it out. You can capture, log and analyze your data for 5 min recordings.  We welcome any feedback for ProView product enhancement or problem reporting. 

*This product is not made or endorsed by Rockwell Collins.

 **Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.